Corporate Events

Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. specialize in providing exclusive event management service in India as well as in abroad. Organizing of corporate events is one of the most highly acclaimed services provided by the event managers. Corporate events mainly include seminars, product launching parties, presentations, sponsorship events, brand activations, brand promotions, fashion shows, annual day celebrations, exhibitions, award night, press conference, team building activities, road shows, canter activities dealers, retailers and trade meet as well as product promotion.

Fashion Shows

We are Expert into show event services. Fashion Shows are one of them Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. one of the best Fashion Shows services provider. If we are talking about the concept of Models, Stage, Host any service related to Fashion Shows Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD.Event will be best out of thousand event companies. We are also work for Fashion Shows Models Arrangements, Stage and Venue management etc. If you have any kind of Fashion show requirement please reach our office or call our experts anytime to get best services.

Brand Promotion

We are having many years of experience in terms of hosting Road Shows PAN India via Mobile Display Vans, Mobile Canter Activities, Canopies / Kiosks Installation, Mall Promotions, Society Promotions, Market Activations, Human Banners etc. Road shows are the best way to create a huge amount of awareness among the masses at a time of Product Launch, Brand Promotion Activities, Promotional Marketing and Sales Promotion Exercises. Our Road Show Services includes Planning, Conceptualization and Complete Execution of road shows.

Event Hostess

For making an event successful the foremost requirement is of a proper event hostess who can help in making the guests feel comfortable. The main motive of any event organizer is the success of any event that has been organized. And for making the event successful the event hostess should have some basic qualities. At Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. the Event Hostess in Delhi have very good communication skill as well as command over the language that enable them in convincing the audiences and customers in certain situations.

Anchors /Emcees

We have the best Male/ Female Anchors avaialble for Corporate Events, Wedding, Sagan, Party, Personal Event etc. Anchors can speak Hindi or English according to your requirement. We provide quality services on an affordable price. Book Female Anchors in Delhi .

Special Events

Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD.is a onetime solution to celebrate and enjoy your special events. If you believe in grandeur and marvellous events we are there for you. We believe in sophisticated style and creative results. We create the environment for your special events to make them memorable and give you an experience to cherish for a lifetime. We bring with us experience and professionalism to make your special events extra special. Our service process involves designers, artists, logistics and technicians working in tandem with check points leaving nothing to chance to give you the best.

Artist Management

Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. is one of the leading Artist Management Companies in Delhi, Mumbai. Most of the outstanding and excellent Indian artists as well as International artist are represented by the company. The staff members have very good network that helps them in communicating with all the leading artists and also helps in organizing a grand event. This industry is a highly competitive industry with the flow of new artist every day.

Birthday Planning

According to Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. whether you are child, a young person, or a family holder, We make your birthday party joyful. A suitable decorated birthday party will surely applaud up your guests and will make them remember it everlastingly. The spirit of festivity should be there. Planning for your coming Birthday Party with lots of fun and memorable, don't worry Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. plan up your Birthday Parties smoothly and memorable by keeping certain things into consideration which helps birthday parties become a smashing- hit for all time!

Celebrity Management

Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. offers a number of services related to the coordination as well as management of celebrities in India as well as in abroad. It is one of the most renowned Celebrity Management Companies in Delhi, Mumbai. The celebrity management team of Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. offers a number of services. The most acclaimed services include managing of celebrity promotional events for promoting of any particular product or any particular film, launching of any store, launching of any product, award night, and ribbon cutting ceremony, campaigning, parties, and weddings.

Varieties Consulting Network (PVT.) LTD. is a brand name offering spectacular services in organising and managing events, festivals, and corporate as well as personal parties and most importantly in planning weddings.

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